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Power Source «KULON» for electroplating, and not only

The market is saturated with industrial power supplies and for its success it is necessary to introduce a product with excellent of consumer qualities. But that really new to offer in this industry? Little. However, using modern information technology in engineering design and fresh ideas in design, winning a bit in each of the parameters of the product, you can achieve a transition from quantity to quality. So created power supply «KULON». It reflects the engineering expertise of our company.

Thus, a rectifiers «KULON» is designed to supply galvanic baths (rectifier for electroplating). It can also be used to power the active-inductive loads appropriate power.

When designing of rectifiers series «KULON» were used the following basic principles:

  • Modularity is the ability to increase power output, output current and voltage by series-parallel connection of devices
  • Functional completeness of a single module, which allows its use in an independent product and as a "brick" in the construction of high-power systems
  • Forced air cooling of power blocks
  • Protection of the control system from the harmful effects of the environment
  • Minimization of weight and dimensions in order to reduce unit costs per kilowatt power

Rectifiers «KULON» have a wide range of modifications:

  • Load current: 50 A to 1000 A (single module)
  • Output voltage: 6 V to 220 V (single module)
  • Reversing the direction of current output: non-reversible or reversible
  • Method of load connection: bus or connector


Electroplating rectifiers with remote control

«KULON-20» module with remote control


With the overall dimensions of the module 650x480x220 mm and weight not exceeding 38 kg power of a single module is 20 kW. Without changing the dimensions of the module can be both non-reversible or reversible (the change of polarity of the output voltage). To increase the power output (current or voltage), as mentioned earlier, is used in parallel and / or serial connection modules. For comparison, modern thyristor converters for electroplating exceed dimensions «KULON» 4 ... 5 times, weight exceed 5 ... 7 times. It should also be noted that such rectifiers are generally necessitate cooling water system. Moreover, the converter «KULON» has advantages in mass-dimensional parameters and pulsed sources: volume 1.5 ... 2 times, by weight, 1.2 ... 1.6.


Mobile high power DC source

Mobile DC source power 40 kW, based on two modules «KULON»


Weight and size advantages of high efficiency and is even more marked in the implementation of multi-modular converter systems. So, gathering in a single rack of six modules «KULON» you can get the total load current value of 6000 A, without the use of water cooling system and additional nodes reverse. These results can be achieved only with power sources with high efficiency.


Multi-modular DC power supply


Current sources on the basis of five modules «KULON»

(output current up to 5000 A, output voltage up to 20 V)

and on the basis of four modules «KULON»

(output current up to 4000 A, output voltage up to 20 V)


Modularity provides solutions swappable units, depending on production needs (repair and maintenance). Decisions, based on «KULON» modules very attractive both for the organization of a new electroplating, and for the modernization of existing.

The process of creating high-quality uniform coatings by electroplating requires a power source of high stability of output parameters. «KULON» copes with this task. Stabilization error of the load current or voltage output of not more than 1% of the nominal value. In setting up the production process will help a wide range of load current regulation - from 2% to 100% of the nominal value, the range of voltage regulation - from 2% to 100% of nominal at rated load current.
Electroplating rectifier «KULON» can optionally be supplied with an external control terminal with enhanced functionality.

Power supply «KULON» supports the following modes of operation:

  • Current stabilization mode
  • Voltage stabilization mode
  • Cyclic operation of the current
  • Cyclic operation of the voltage

Cycle mode allows you to create cycles of change of the regulated output parameter and / or changing the polarity of the output voltage for a given scenario (program). It is possible to set the Ampere-hours, and indication the current value.

Protection system:

  • Protection of power elements in the external short-circuit
  • Protection against overcurrent
  • Protection for lack of or unacceptable voltage reduction

Lock the power supply if set the external alarm signal. Perhaps remote control and monitoring of power source modules with a serial RS-485 interface and information protocol Modbus RTU. This enables you to integrate rectifiers «KULON» into existing at the customer process control systems with minimal effort.


Power source KULON in Modbus network


Attractive characteristics of the voltage converter «КУЛОН» are in demand not only in electroplating processes, but in many situations in industrial production when needed compact powerful and reliable power supply.


Two-module voltage source


Stationary source of DC voltage based on two modules «KULON»




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