Company News / «KULON-20» - the source of 20 kW in a single unit!

«KULON-20» - the source of 20 kW in a single unit!

After the optimization of the design and power electronics in the DC power supply «KULON-20» managed to increase the maximum power output of one module from 10 kW to 20 kW, while keeping weight and size characteristics of the module with forced air cooling.

Thus an opportunity to create DC source is based on the module «KULON-20» with an unbeatable combination of electrical, weight and size and price characteristics. «KULON-20» - the best solution on the market of high-power DC sources not only on the technical characteristics, but at a price. This power supply have a best price / quality, available on the market.

One module «KULON-20» provides output current up to 1000 A in irreversible mode, and up to 800 A in reverse mode. This is achieved by one module dimensions 650x480x220 mm and weight up to 40 kg!

Technical information

January 28, 2013 09:39 •