Reversible electroplating rectifiers «KULON»

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Reversible electroplating rectifiers «KULON»

«KULON» is a series of modern modular switching mode power sources (SMPS). It converts three-phase input line voltage with parameters ~380V 50/60Hz into stable and clean direct current. The series includes a variety of types depending on output current and voltage ratings, with top power of 20 kW and top current of 1000A.


«KULON» contains all necessary devices inside including circuit breaker and filters. It doesn’t need any additional equipment to be connected externally. As a switching power source it has highly stable current with low harmonic distortions.




  • Modular configuration
  • Large power (20 kW) per unit block
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Easy to operate
  • Low cost
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Forced air cooling
  • Low current ripple
  • Support RS-485/Modbus RTU network

«KULON» consists of diode line rectifier, inverter with IGBT, transformer and output rectifier blocks. Dimensions of the power source are 650х480х220 mm. Compartments with electronics have an IP54 which prevent corrosion of susceptible components. With such protection the power source can be installed directly near the electroplating bath it feeds. The power source has a forced air cooling system.

One can order reversible type of «KULON» if needed polarity switching. The reversing module is installed inside and it doesn’t enlarge dimensions of the box.

Connection of several (up to 8) «KULON» in series or parallel is possible to increase power. No additional synchronizing units are needed in this case.


Controlling the  «KULON» is done by embedded console or by remote console (option)


Reversible electroplating rectifiers «KULON»

Power sources of «KULON» series with remote control

Technical specification module «KULON»

Parameter Dimension Value
Line voltage V
Rated output voltage V
6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 90, 220
Rated current A
50, 100, 200, 320, 400, 630, 800, 1000
Voltage stability (in voltage mode)
Current stability (in current mode)
Maximum current ripple
Efficiency at rated parameters
Cooling system
Mass kg 38
Dimensions - width х depth х height mm 650х480х220
Operation temperature

IP54 for electronic module, IP33 for other


Power source consist from five «KULON» module

Power source consist from five «KULON» module

(Output current 5000 A, output voltage 20 V)


Power source consist from five «KULON» module (back side)

Power source consist from five «KULON» module. Back side.



Reversible electroplating rectifiers «KULON» remote control

Optional remote control «KULON-RC»



Technical characteristics of the external remote control

  • Control system for the complex up to 12 modules «KULON»
  • Indication state of the modules
  • Indication the output current and voltage
  • Up to 32 programs for control of electroplating process
  • Indication the time of electroplating process
  • Revers control
  • Ampere-hour counter
  • Indications the Fault and Warning
  • Optional - set password for manual operations
  • Communication channel for top level control system



kulon rc network



power sources remote control

This power source consist from several «KULON» module,

with remote control «KULON-RC»


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