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Power supply induction heating

The development and production of power supply for induction heating is finished.


The converter is a source of AC 2400 Hz. The converter is designed for induction heating cage rotors of electrical machines AC 2400 Hz up to 60 kW. Control and monitoring of the converter by using the built-in control panel.



  • Rated input voltage: 380 V
  • Input voltage frequency: 50 Hz
  • Maximum output active power: 60 kW
  • Control range of output power: 0...65 kW
  • Discrete control of the output power: 0,1 kW
  • Rated frequency of the output current: 2400 Hz (+300/-200)
  • Maximum single-phase output voltage: 280 V
  • Maximum load current: 350 A
  • Cooling system: air, forced
  • Dimensions: 610mm x 670mm x 1120mm
  • Weight: 125 kg


Источник питания установок индукционного нагрева


Power supply, is opened


November 11, 2014 10:00 •