Integrated control system «Proton»

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Integrated control system «Proton»

Control system with integrated fixed set of peripherals for thyristor converters with specialized controller on FPGA. Core control system is a controller ATxmega and dedicated controller interface implemented on the FPGA.


The control system can simultaneously control thyristor 6-pulse bridge rectifier and a reversible one- or three-phase exciter motor or 12-pulse inverter bridge reversible.










  • Thyristor converters (6- and 12- Pulse)
  • DC drives (reversible, irreversible, with speed feedback, EMF, position, power regulator, etc.)
  • Exciter synchronous motor
  • Power supply resistive heaters
  • The soft-start devices induction motors and other devices
  • Thyristor VAR compensator
  • Machine tools actuators

Integrated peripherals:

  • Pulse shaper control of thyristors
  • Block synchronization with mains power
  • Interfaces with the primary sensors (current, voltage, speed, etc.)
  • Communication ports RS-485 interface (5 ports)
  • USB port
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, multichannel
  • Hardware block of pulse-phase control, a three-channel
  • Communication interface with encoder
  • Relay
  • Real-time clock

Technical specification:

  • Supply voltage: 21,5...26,5 V
  • Power consumption: up to 20 W
  • Operation temperature: -40...+45 °С
  • Overall dimensions: 180х155х70 mm
  • Rated power voltage control object (without additional galvanic isolation devices): 220 V, 380 V, 660 V
  • Channel interface RS-485 (galvanic isolation 500 V): 3
  • Support Modbus RTU protocol
  • Channel synchronization with mains (galvanic isolation 3500 V): 1
  • Channel phase sequence voltage (galvanic isolation 3500 V): 1
  • Current sensors (-150 mV...+150 mV, galvanic isolation 3500 V): 2
  • Voltage sensors (-600 V...+600 V, galvanic isolation 3500 V): 1
  • Analog inputs (-10 V...+10 V, galvanic isolation 3500 V, 16-bit ADC): 8
  • Analog outputs (-10 V...+10 V, galvanic isolation 3500 V): 4
  • Pulse shapers (galvanic isolation 3500 V): 12
  • Digital inputs (0...24 V, group galvanic isolation 500 V): 16
  • Digital outputs (0...24 V, 0,5 A, group galvanic isolation 500 V): 8
  • Relay outputs: 2

The structure of the controller control system «Proton»

The structure of the controller control system «Proton»


The software allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Control of thyristor converters
  • Control coordinates the drive (regulation current of anchor chain, regulation of voltage (EMF, speed, power, position), regulation current of excitation)
  • Support of the speed reference system (intensity, push)
  • Linearization of the dynamic characteristics of the current loop in the control range and exclusion of undesirable processes in control loops
  • Function PLC for technological process control

Implementation of the software for the controller control system «Proton» is carried out by using the embedded application tool EAT-Eclipse. In the project is necessary to make the scheme of the functional blocks and binding them to the hardware controller.

EAT-Eclipse have high level domain-specific graphical user interface, programming skills no need. Based on the model source code will be generated automatically.


Development environment EAT-Eclipse

Example of the application model in the development environment EAT-Eclipse

(fragment of the function block diagram and the structure of the controller hardware «Proton»)



Module of the control system «PROTON»

Module of the control system «Proton»



Soft starter for asynchronous motors

Soft starter for two asynchronous motors power 315 kW
with control system «Proton»


png_icon Part of a software project controller drive KTEM-500 in the development environment EAT-Eclipse