Modernization of electric drive and converters


Modernization of electric drive and converters

In thyristor converters and, as a rule, the power components (thyristors, reactors, transformers, switchgear and protective equipment) have a service life is several times larger than the electronic devices. Their share in the cost of the product is significantly higher than that of control system. In this regard, cost-effective is upgrading control system of the converters in order to restore the resource. "Depth" modernization can range from replacing some blocks control system to full replacement of all electronic devices. The cost of upgrading can be from 5 to 30% of the cost of the converter.


Modernization of inverter can be accomplished using an integrated control system «Proton».


Exciter synchronous motor before modernization

Exciter synchronous motor before modernization.



Exciter synchronous motor after modernization

Exciter synchronous motor after modernization.

Exciter technical specification: rectified voltage 48 V, rectified current 320 A



Thyristor reversible power unit


Thyristor reversible power unit for modernization of electric drive

rectified voltage 440 V, rectified current 120 A