Software for control of test bench

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Software for control of test bench

The program «TestBench» is designed to control stand equipment in manual or automatic mode using the command sequence.


Hardware controls on the serial interface RS-232 / RS-485 based on the protocol Modbus RTU.







Software features:

  • Working in the Modbus master device, querying is performed based on the configuration of the stand.
  • Visualization of data from Modbus slave devices, via text, numeric and logical indicators.
  • Formation and execution command sequence for control bench equipment.

The user interface is optimized for the touch screen with a diagonal of 10 inches.


Interaction program with the equipment of the stand is based on the data elements embedded in the file menu, which is created by the user or developer of the stand using the menu editor control terminal.


The process of working with the program consists of two phases:

  • Configuring stand
  • Formation cyclograms

Configuration - create a description of the configuration of the stand on the basis of the data elements. The configuration of the stand consists of a set of configuration elements that include a name, an offset coefficient that bind to the data elements and binding to the indicator if necessary. For each configuration, you can define a set of stand cyclograms control stand equipment. The cyclogram consist from command sequence with elements of the configuration in time to control actuators. The information, received from the equipment, can be displayed on program indicators.


stand control software diagram

The structure of the configuration of hardware and software test bench



Программная панель управления испытательным стендом


Control panel before configuration



Программная панел управления испытательным стендом


Control panel after configuration





Use software «TestBench»:

Complex of programmable power supplies for test benches